Beall Student Design Competition in Engineering
Brian Delahaut: Vice President & General Manager, MK Diamond Products, Inc.
Angela Gribble: President, Small Seeds, Inc. (EMBA ’99, School of Business, UCI)
Jon Gribble: President, Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Co. (BS ’83, School of Engineering, EMBA ’01, School of Business, UCI)
Mark Logomasini: President & CEO, Bioject, Inc. (EMBA '99, Business)
Dee Morrison: Engineering Director, Edwards Lifesciences
Butterworth Product Development Competition in ICS
Tony Crisp: Chief Executive Officer & Brand Strategist, CRISPx (BS ’92, School of Biological Sciences, UCI)
Brian Dao: Managing Partner, Alpha Sprouts (BS '03, School of Information and Computer Sciences)
Roger Lloyd: Managing Director, Pericia Solutions, and CEO & CoFounder Grupo Cognitiva
David Ochi: Co-Founder, Alpha Sprouts, and Executive Director, UCI ANTrepreneur Center (BS ’97, Schools of Biological Sciences and Social Sciences, MBA ’99, School of Business, UCI)
Neil Sahota: Ecosystem Engagement Manager, IBM – Watson Group (BS ’97, Schools of Social Sciences and Physical Sciences, BS ’00, School of Information and Computer Sciences, MBA ’03, School of Business, UCI)
Jojo Seva: Senior VP, Chief Information Officer, NEFCU